Small eco power generation in Krut


Must-see for companies concerned about CO2 reduction

Three reasons why Crutto is good

POINT1 Small and easy to install

POINT2 Utilize water from unused pipes

POINT3 You can do eco activities

You can install it in such a place!

plant Water purification plant Mansion/Building
Electricity sales

How do you use the generated electricity?
(You can use it like this)

If the amount of power generation is ~1kw, it is possible to reduce costs and use power efficiently by using it at 12V or 100V from the cost-effectiveness point of view.
If the power generation exceeds 1kw, it is possible to use or sell the power at 200V.
If you want to use it mixed with commercial power supply, permission is required.

Safe monitoring service

Prompt maintenance response by remote monitoring

Operational information sharing by eco-report

Crutto Free Collection Solves Waste Problems

About us

President's thoughts on Crutto

3 steps to power generation

Construction completed in as little as 1 month!

STEP1 Survey

First of all, we will investigate the necessary data such as "What kind of place can it be installed?" and "Where is the ideal power generation place?"

STEP2 Design

Once the installation point is decided, we will decide the specifications of the most suitable equipment for that place and decide how to use electricity according to the customer's wishes.

STEP3 Construction

We will select a contractor and perform the micro hydroelectric generator body, piping, and electrical work. We can also assist with start-up support.

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Calculate power generation

Flow rate is the volume of water flowing in a pipe per unit time (1 second).
Effective head is the head that can be used to operate the turbine. The natural head minus the friction loss of the piping.


  • 2023/5/15 The schedule for the 1st Crutto online product information session has been confirmed. It will be from 15:00 to 15:45 on Friday, June 16th. If you would like to participate, please contact us from the inquiry column.
  • 2023/4/3 From the end of May 2023, we will hold an online product information session once a month. If you want to know more about Crutto, please contact us. We will inform you when the detailed date and time are decided.
  • 2023/3/3 Our representative will be on stage at "Evening Pitch," the largest venture support event in the Chukyo area, which will be held at JP Tower Nagoya on March 15, 2023 (Wednesday).
  • 2022/12/21 Crutto was introduced on the general news site iZa .
  • 2022/11/30 Crutto was introduced in International Water Power & Dam Construction Magazine .
  • 2022/11/17 We are pleased to inform you that we have become a registered company of the Ministry of the Environment's "Ministry of the Environment Local SDGs" .
  • 2022/11/16 Adopted for Mie Prefecture's "Technology development support project subsidy related to growth industry development and business format conversion for the realization of carbon neutrality".
  • 2022/11/10 Our representative took the podium at " Open Innovation Pitch in Central Japan - Startups x Local Companies' Innovation to Survive in a Carbon-Neutral Society -" hosted by the Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry .
  • 2022/11/4 環境省の再エネスタートというサイトにて事業者取り組み例としてCruttoが掲載されることになりました。三重県で検索ください!
  • 2022/10/25 創業手帳にてCruttoが紹介されました。
  • 2022/10/13 Cruttoオリジナルシールの販売を始めました。販促用にもお使いいただけます。
  • 2022/9/16 FM三重のラジオ収録に行ってきました。11月下旬頃、放送予定です。
  • 2022/9/12 メーテレの「サクセス」という番組の取材がありました。10月1日午前7時55分から放送されます。
  • 2022/8/31 9月5日朝の8時10分ごろからTOKYO FMの「ONE MORNING」にてCruttoが紹介されます。
  • 2022/8/30 PV MagazineにCruttoが紹介されました。
  • 2022/8/29 VOIXにCruttoのリリースが紹介されました。
  • 2022/7/21 公式キャラクター「クルット伯爵」の商標登録が完了しました。
  • 2022/7/19 WEBサイト全面リニューアル

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